Daniela Bleymehl

Daniela Bleymehl 

Daniela Bleymehl about THECHAMPIONSHIP: ‘Who wouldn’t want to win this race?’

,,I’ve heard a lot of positive, to be honest, only positive stories about THECHAMPIONSHIP. About the courses, about the spectators and of course about the really strong competitors, who race THECHAMPIONSHIP every year. “This is a race everybody wants to win, right?” Daniela Bleymehl is really looking forward to making her debut at what is most likely CHALLENGEFAMILY’s most important race of the season.

Every year, the best athletes of the world race THECHAMPIONSHIP in Slovakia. This year’s edition won’t be an exception and for Bleymehl this is the most important reason to race in Samorin. ,,A strong list of pros is my main motivation when choosing races. This is a chance to compete with the best athletes of the world and of course that’s really exciting!”

For Bleymehl, the 2019 season will kick off in three weeks from now, when she’ll be racing CHALLENGESALOU. Afterwards she’ll spend a week back in training before she makes her way to CHALLENGEHEILBRONN, which, in her opinion, will be her ‘first serious race of the season’. “So most of the training, work and preparations will be done then. The first races of the season are always very special, because you can see how your hard work in the winter is paying off. But to be honest, after finishing these season openers and building up some confidence, the racing begins to feel much more comfortable.”

Bleymehl is looking back at a winter full of great training. ,,I had a flu virus and almost everyone around me seemed to be sick, but this was the only setback for this year. I think I’m in great shape now and I’m really focussed on the upcoming season and of course, THECHAMPIONSHIP. It’s a race I can barely wait to do.”

Nevertheless THECHAMPIONSHIP will be a tough race for Bleymehl, not only because of the relatively flat course. ,,Long Distance races are the ones where I feel most comfortable and not so much the Middle Distance races. On top of that, I usually prefer hilly courses, but on the other hand this flat bike course could actually end up being in my favour. We’re forced to to ride independently, push hard and this is when I’m at my best. We will see what happens in Samorin.”

Name Daniela Bleymehl
Nick name Dani
Date of Birth 6th of August 1988
Nationality German
In which city/country do you live? Germany
What did you want to be when you were little? A Princess
What makes you laugh? My Son
When and which was your first triathlon? A kids triathlon close to my home town in 1999
Describe yourself with one word A princess 😉
What has been your greatest career moment so far? The win of Challenge Roth 2018
What is your favourite song? It Ain’t Me (Kyogo & Selena Gomez)
Pizza or Pasta? Both! 😉
My Website www.daniela-bleymehl.com
Facebook @DanielaSaemmler
Instagram @danielableymehl