Q&A With the 2023 Champion, Mathis Margirier

1. At which race did you qualify for The Championship?
I finished 2nd at Challenge Gran Canaria 2023.
2. How did it feel winning The Championship in 2023?
It was really special because The Championship was the biggest race I ever competed in and also my first pro victory !
3. What are your key tips for the swim, bike and run courses?
Even if you can’t or don’t want to swim before the start, do a good dryland warm up to be ready for the intensity of the start. On the  bike, keep an aerodynamic position as much as possible to save energy and go faster but make sure to drink and eat enough, it will be the key to a good run. During the half-marthon, use each aid station to drink a few sips and refresh your body by wetting yourself with water, continue to feed yourself with carbohydrates until the finish line.
4. What would your training advice be for someone racing The Championship for the first time?
Don’t forget to do bike sessions on flat roads to get used to your time trial position because the bike course is very fast and you will have to hold your aerodynamic position throughout the course.
5. If you could share one piece of inside strategy about the course that you think helped you to victory, what would it be?
The key is to drink and to eat regularly and to respect your own pace but the most important thing is to never doubt yourself, the finish line is not as far away as you think!
6. What’s your typical pre-race breakfast?
Rice with two fried eggs.
7. What was your favourite thing about the race venue, the x-bionic sphere?
The x-bionic sphere is an amazing venue to do sports, my favourite moment was fueling up at the buffet after a swim session in the 50 meter warm outdoor pool!
8. What do you usually do the day after a big race?
An easy bike ride and I try to enjoy the place and relax.
9. What gear did you use for the race:
54/41 10/28
Time Trial Bike: Cervélo P5
Wheels: Rear: Zipp Super-9, front: Reserve 52mm
Helmet: POC Cerebel
Drink Bottles: Cervélo aero bottle
Bike Shoes: Shimano S-Phyre
Clothing: Mako
Wetsuit: Mako Ultimate Torrent
Running Shoes: HOKA Rocket X2
Sunglasses: Julbo
GPS Sports Watch: Garmin Forerunner 735 XT