THE CHAMPIONSHIP postponed to August 27 and 29: information for athletes

Information for registered athletes:

What is the new schedule of the event?
  • Friday, August 27 (afternoon)
    • Try-athlon
    • Sprint
    • Olympic
  • Saturday, August 28
    • Kids run (morning)
    • The Collins Cup (afternoon)
  • Sunday, August 29
    • TheChampionship Middle PRO
    • TheChampionship Middle Age Group and Relays
    • Open Middle distance
What does this mean for your registration?
  • Athletes who are registered will automatically be moved to the new date: August 27 or 29.
What if you can’t race on August 27 (Side Events) or August 29 (TheChampionship Middle)?
  • Then you will get two options:
    • Option 1:
      • 70 percent refund of your registration fee. The refund will be made to every athlete who will contact us until the end of May and is also applicable to already postponed registrations from 2019. Click here to request your refund
    • Option 2:
      • 100 percent refund of your registration fee via a so-called X-CARD. This X-CARD is valid until 12/2022 and can be used as the payment method in the whole X-BIONIC® SPHERE resort, including accommodation, food, gym, adventureland and wellness. Click here to request your refund . Find More info about X-CARD here.
What happens with your stay at the X-BIONIC® SPHERE if you booked one?
Do you have any further question?

Our full statement: 

The past few months, the team behind CHALLENGEFAMILY THECHAMPIONSHIP has done everything to make this event happen on the original date (May 23), but due to all the COVID19-measures which are still in place and the accompanying travel restrictions which thousands of athletes from all over the world have to deal with, the decision was made to postpone the event to August 29. This decision was made after extensive consultation with all parties involved.

“We regret having to deliver this news, but want to give our athletes the clarity they deserve. Of course, we would have liked to enjoy this flagship event with everyone in May, but unfortunately that appears to be impossible. Not only do we want everyone to be able to travel safely to Samorin, but we also want to ensure safety at our race venue. Therefore, we now come to the difficult decision to move the event to August 29”, said Race Director Melisa Kubalcová.

CHALLENGEFAMILY THECHAMPIONSHIP and its side-events will now be scheduled on the same weekend as The Collins Cup, which also takes place the day before, on August 28, at extraordinary x-bionic®sphere in Šamorín, near Bratislava, Slovakia. This means that the amazing field of age group athletes are in for a truly spectacular weekend of live triathlon racing as they now have the opportunity to witness the best professionals in the sport do battle in a team competition to decide whether team USA, Europe or International dominates.

Registration of athletes already registered for THECHAMPIONSHIP and the side-events will automatically be carried forward to the weekend of August 27 (side-events) – 29 (Middle Distance), 2021 free of charge. Athletes who are unable or unwilling to race on this new race day will receive a seventy percent refund of their registration fee and is also applicable to already postponed registrations from 2019. They can also choose to get one hundred percent of their entry fee back in the form of an ‘X-Card’. This card can be used as a payment method in the X-BIONIC® SPHERE until December 31st, 2022. Athletes who have already booked their stay at the X-BIONIC® SPHERE will also see that booking carried forward to the new race date free of charge.

Melisa Kubalcová: “We hope, of course, that everyone remains safe and healthy in the coming months and that the world will soon return to a bit of ‘normalcy’. Until then, we continue to work very hard to put on a great edition of CHALLENGEFAMILY THECHAMPIONSHIP and we welcome you in August.”