Talk to the Pro’s with Emma Pallant (GBR)

Questions to the Pros: Emma Pallant (GBR)

  1. Why are you competing at The Championship 2018?

I am coming to The Championship race because it supports the pro athletes well and so should attract a great race and hopefully the best of the best will be there again this year which makes for exciting racing and is what triathlon is all about, everyone coming together at one place at one time. It also has a great drafting rule for fair racing. 


  1. What is the special thing about The Championship 2018?

The Championship has lots of special features about it, from the support and great organization that the team offer, to the unique drafting rule to make racing fairer to the great live coverage for people watching all over the world, its an event that will keep building year upon year I believe and start being a big fixture in peoples calenders. The fact that its hosted in such a great location also makes it special, a real top notch sport complex!


  1. Are you doing a special training to prepare for The Championship 2018?

I make no secrets that flat bike courses are definately not my favourite so I will need to be working on my power on the bike a lot into the race.


  1. Are you looking forward to something special in The Championship 2018?

I’m looking forward to staying at the bionic sphere this year and seeing what its all about, my best friend stayed there for the European XC champs and raved about it!


  1. What are your expectations for The Championship 2018? 

I expect there to be a great field there again this year, I think it will attract all the top girls and will be an event with fab coverage and exciting race dynamics!  


  1. What are your personal expactations for The Championship 2018?

I think you always need to have the mind set going into a race that you have prepared everything to be the best you can be on the day and so always aim to go for the win but I have no expectations, just to get out there and beast every last ounce out of me that I have to give and if I cross the line with nothing left then that’s job done!