Anne Haug


Anne Haug

Last year’s runner-up Anne Haug is ‘hungry’ for THECHAMPIONSHIP: ,,Favorites can fail, while underdogs can grow beyond their limits”

CHALLENGEFAMILY‘s THECHAMPIONSHIP is promising to be one of the most exciting races of the year. With a stunning pro field for both men and women, the event promises to be a spectacle for both athletes and spectators alike. Anne Haug, the runner-up of last year’s edition, is coming back to Samorin and is hungry for victory.

,,It’s such a competitive start field again, so I have to race my absolute best to be on top. I would never underestimate anyone. It’s the beauty of this sport that nothing is predictable. Favorites can fail, while underdogs can grow beyond their limits. For me, THECHAMPIONSHIP is an amazing race because I can compete against the best in my sport. That is exactly what I want to do. I have to be in the best shape possible.”

It’s not just the strong pro field that attracts Haug to THECHAMPIONSHIP, there are many more reasons why she is looking forward to race this iconic event. ,,There are so many things that make this race unique to me. There’s the stunning location and the perfect organization. The race course, although it’s completely flat, is very challenging as well. And of course, last but definitely not least, it’s the quality of athletes racing.”

Haug is hoping that her current shape will hold. ,,This year I had a few niggles over the winter and things didn’t go as smooth as last year. But that’s sport and you have to deal with it. On race day, I will give it my all and see what this day holds for me.”

Name Anne Haug
Date of Birth 20th January 1983
Nationality German
In which city/country do you live? Germany
What did you want to be when you were little? I haven´t had specific dreams for future
What makes you laugh? Funny People
When and which was your first triathlon? Think it was 2002. Hofheim Triathlon (Olympic Distance)
Describe yourself with one word Chocolateaddicted

What is the funniest moment you experienced at a race?

went to the wrong bike in transition, cause I had to borrow the bike of my coach and didn’t remember anymore how it looked like.

What has been your greatest career moment so far?

Winning WTS Hamburg infront of Home crowed

What is your favourite song?  Last Goodby – The Kills
Pizza or Pasta? Pizza
Your Website
Facebook @tri.anne.haug
Instagram @tri.anne.haug
Twitter  @haug_anne