Ben Kanute: „I have not played all my cards so far this season and i am looking forward to show my very best performance at THECHAMPIONSHIP!“

When checking out the names on the pro line up list of this years THECHAMPIONSHIP, Ben Kanute is slightly daunted by the number of first class athletes. At the same time, he’s confident that his training and preparation for one of his season highlights will “put me right up there with the best in triathlon racing!“ As for many of the 2019 pro field, it will be Ben Kanute’s first time racing in Samorin and the 26 year old American is excited to be part of an “event that has a great venue and gives so much support to the athletes.“ Looking back on a good build-up of his shape over the winter months he is convinced he “did just scratch the surface“ of his potential this season.

On reflection of his competitors, there is one particular athlete that stands out amongst the rest of the incredibly strong pro field. “I think Sebi is the top dog coming into the race and the one that has the most experience on the course. And he is the most experienced athlete overall. I always love racing someone like him”, says Kanute.

In the past, Ben Kanute has raced a variety of distances. Up until 2017, his focus lay on a variety of shorter distances but he proved his strength in the Middle Distance when he achieved an amazing second place at the 2017 Middle Distance World Championships in Chattanooga, USA. He may have started his new mission in fantastic fashion, but he still enjoys to race the shorter distances as well.

“Currently I am balancing a crazy schedule of everything from super sprint races, up to the longer middle distance races. I like the variety and I also think the training mix is also beneficial”, says Kanute. He hopes this will be his advantage going into THECHAMPIONSHIP in Samorin this year. “I think the super sprint racing gives me some extra leg speed at the end of the half marathon”, says Kanute.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kanute’s tactics and approach to race preparation will see him perform amidst the strong professional field in Samorin on on June 2, 2019.


Photo Credit by Talbot Cox Media