David McNamee


David McNamee

David McNamee: “This is why I am in the sport: I want to go to the big races!”

After a good winter training David McNamee is looking forward to race at THECHAMPIONSHIP for the very first time. In the last weeks he has been specifically focusing on shorter and harder efforts to be ready for Samorin on June 2.  In spite of the fact that it will be his first race at THECHAMPIONSHIP he definitely knows what to expect since he watched both previous races via livestream: “It always has a very good startlist. It is that kind of competition that excites me and this is why I decided to come to Samorin. It is an event everybody speaks well of.”

For McNamee it is also a very fair event due to the 20 meter draft zone and facing so many international top athletes really motivates him: “This is why I am in the sport. I want to go to the big races! With Ben Kanute there will be just another strong swimmer who will dictate the pace from the beginning of the race and with Sebastian Kienles bike strength and his ability to run well it will be a hard battle.”

And McNamee is also determined to push hard from the start and leave nothing to chance and go for the win: “My aim is to stay in front of Sebastian as long as possible!”

One thing that also plays in his hands are the diverse surfaces, including running on grass and sand inside the horse riding stadium. “I have been growing up running on different surfaces, so this suits me perfectly!”, says McNamee.

Just five weeks after THECHAMPIONSHIP McNamee will also compete in DATEV CHALLENGEROTH and he really sees an advantage in combining these races because he can mix up shorter training sessions for Samorin with longer more endurance focused training for Roth.

Name David McNamee
Date of Birth 20th April 1988
Nationality British
In which city/country do you live? Girona
What did you want to be when you were little? Olympic Swimmer
What makes you laugh? Life
When and which was your first triathlon? Edinburgh, 1st January 2016
Describe yourself with one word Focused

What is the funniest moment you experienced at a race?

My saddle once snapped off- was funny of everyone else but was painful for me

What has been your greatest career moment so far?

3rd Kona. 2017 & 2018

Pizza or Pasta? Pizza
Your Website  www.davicmcnamee.com
Instagram @davidmcnameetri
Twitter  @davidmcnameetri