Embroidery from Jablonica for the 2019 Finisher Shirts

The large-scale flower decoration comes from the popular folk embroidery around Jablonica in Western Slovakia. The patterns were inspired by the nature – flowers, trees, leaves and birds. In the past embroidery had not only huge aesthetical but also social and identifying meaning. Every pattern was so unique that different groups of people used them as some kind of identity cards.

Individuals were recognized by the embroidery on their clothing. It was indicating from which village they came from, what their social status was and even if they were single or married.  Embroidery from Jablonica is decorative and multicoloured and it is rightfully considered the richest and the most noticeable one in the area of Záhorie.

Embroidery pattern from Čičmany has ornamental character and the inspiration was taken from folk costumes. This pattern was used on wooden cottages as well, however, it was not always this way. Lime plaster was used on the houses for protective reason rather than a decorative one.  Coat of lime plaster was used to protect the houses against strong winds. In the past the patterns were very simple, they were painted with the lime or clay on the corners of the houses.

Decorations on houses in Čičmany in the present dont have much in common with the decoration from the 19th century. Ornaments, which are currently decorating the houses, started to appear after a destructive fire in 1921. Women were vieing with each other for the best decorations on their houses. The village of Cicmany was declared as a monumental reserve of folk architecture in 1977 and in 2013 Čičmany´s ornaments were listed on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. Currently this pattern is visible on many souvenirs and we firmly believe that by wearing this T-shirt it may bring you closer to Slovakia.