Statement COVID-19 The Championship

Dear athletes,

Yesterday we, CHALLENGEFAMILY published our reaction on the COVID-19 virus that has taken over daily news and our daily life. You can read the full text here.

THECHAMPIONSHIP’s organisation team is in constant contact with the governmental institutions about the evolving process and the decisions that are being taken worldwide by governments and health organizations. We follow the regulations that are being laid down in each country and act accordingly. It’s very hard, even impossible, to predict anything for a period longer than a few weeks at this moment.

At this moment there is no impact predicted for THECHAMPIONSHIP yet, but we’re monitoring the situation and will make changes if that is needed. Participants living in impacted areas can reach out to us on an individual basis for further information, details and assistance.

Please know the health of all the athletes is our number one. For now, please stay safe, strong and healthy and apply the hygienic advice of the official authorities. Look after your loved ones and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon at one of our races!


Best regards on behalf of the board,


Jort Vlam