The Collins Cup Battles Announced – Prepare for Epic Racing!

No words needed, right? This Saturday it’s time for the inaugural Collins Cup and these are the battles just announced! We can prepare for some epic races!

Race 1:

Europe: Daniela Ryf

USA: Taylor Knibb

International: Teresa Adam

Race 2:

Europe: Lucy Charles

USA: Katie Zaferes

International: Paula Findlay

Race 3:

Europe: Anne Haug

USA: Jackie Hering

International: Jeanni Metzler

Race 4:

Europe: Holly Lawrence

USA: Skye Moench

International: Ellie Salthouse

Race 5:

Europe: Emma Pallant

USA: Chelsea Sodaro

International: Sarah Crowley

Race 6:

Europe: Kat Matthews

USA: Jocelyn McCauley

International: Carrie Lester

Race 7:

Europe: Jan Frodeno

USA: Sam Long

International: Sam Appleton

Race 8:

Europe: Gustav Iden

USA: Rudy von Berg

International: Kyle Smith

Race 9:

Europe: Sebastian Kienle

USA: Andrew Starykowicz

International: Lionel Sanders

Race 10:

Europe: Daniel Baekkegard

USA: Ben Kanute

International: Max Neumann

Race 11:

Europe: Patrick Lange

USA: Matt Hanson

International: Braden Currie

Race 12:

Europe: Joe Skipper

USA: Justin Metzler

International: Jackson Laundry